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“Anette respects each child and family as individuals who come to school with their own set of knowledge and strengths. She understands how to draw from these strengths so that children feel welcomed, respected, and successful.”


Amy Bazley, Tillamook Parent

“Anette gets right in there with the kids – the dirt, paint and any other creative activity – and seems to enjoy it just as much as the kids do. She’s always up for a good bug hunt.”

Cindy Fontenot, Tillamook Parent

“Anette has an open mind and a warm heart. She clearly shows love and support for each and every child at school. I think we all feel there is something special happening at Tillamook.”

Anne Schneider, Tillamook Parent

“We have been so fortunate to send both of our children to Tillamook. (In fact, I even attended this preschool as a child!) The environment is so supportive and allows each child to grow at his or her own pace. Teacher Anette is a household legend, and I have learned so much about being a parent from her. We will forever be a part of the Tillamook family!”

Megan Manchester, Tillamook Parent

“There's something special about the way Teacher Anette can connect with each and every child in the classroom. She has the ability to talk to them directly without babying them or thinking that they don't have what it takes...I've learned a lot about myself and children watching her and participating at Tillamook. In the end, I get out of it what I'm able to put into it.”


Mitesh Master, Tillamook Parent

“Tillamook has been a really awesome place to watch my kids grow and learn. And, it’s been a great place to watch other kids grown and learn. Working with other kids has helped me understand my own kids better and I definitely feel like it's made me a better dad. (Plus, it’s just fun to watch kids running around like maniacs.)”

Julian Stark, Tillamook Parent

“Tillamook Preschool has been an awesome experience for our whole family. We have had two kids go to Tillamook and both have thrived there. Teacher Anette brings immense experience and is an amazing guide for the kiddos and parents alike. We'll be forever grateful for our time at this wonderful school.”

Jon Palmer, Tillamook Parent

“Our family has felt so at home at Tillamook Preschool. Teacher Anette is inspiring; her play-based methods are intentional and thoughtful. I look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve each day. At Tillamook, families share leadership of the school and the work. It feels wonderful to be a part of an organization that runs so smoothly, and I'm so proud to say that my Tillamook graduates were totally prepared for kindergarten.”


Becky Hillary, Tillamook Parent

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