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Teacher Anette Horten


As an early childhood educator, Anette is committed to providing a place where preschoolers can explore, discover and learn through play. One of her goals is to provide children with the widest variety of experiences possible. She sees the preschool years as a time for children to discover who they are, learn about the world outside their own family, and become excited about school and learning.

Anette is a credentialed teacher, with 25+ years of experience in elementary and middle school prior to her 15+ year preschool experience. She has completed a master’s degree in Cognitive Development in Educational Psychology at UC-Berkeley and is continuously interested and involved in the study and theories of childhood development. As the mother of four grown children, Anette has had many opportunities to put those theories into daily practice throughout the years.

In the classroom, Anette’s priorities are to nurture curiosity and build strong socialization among children as well as between children and adults. She keeps the focus on play using self-guided discovery and open-ended activities to help build confidence and create a strong foundation for a child’s success.

You can read some of Teacher Anette's thoughts on childhood education via our blog.

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