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Tillamook Preschool in a New Format

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Tillamook Preschool will not resume normal preschool operation in fall 2020. Our program will look very different, but will still feature the teacher, traditions, and outdoor space that make Tillamook Preschool such a wonderful preschool for our children.

This fall, families with preschoolers have the opportunity to join our co-op on a monthly basis. Tillamook will offer a variety of benefits, and families can choose to participate in the ones that work for them. One of these benefits will be “outdoor school.” The outdoor school component will allow kids to do preschool activities in stable small groups with Teacher Anette and their parent/caregiver once a week, while still respecting distancing and mask-wearing guidelines.

Some of the other benefits we plan to offer include:

  • Weekly take-home projects with instructions & supplies

  • Classroom puzzle/book/toy lending

  • Monthly community seminars via Zoom (on timely parenting topics)

  • Guide to distanced activities around town (treasure hunt)

  • Monthly mail for kids

  • Reservable off-hours playground access for families

  • Connection to other families for additional outings

  • Memory book projects (journaling/pages/pictures)

  • Monthly Tillamook newsletter by email

  • Access to digital library of Teacher Anette storytimes

  • Ongoing email updates from Tillamook and Teacher Anette

We are taking a flexible approach to allow each family to choose the level of involvement that works best for them. Take a look at this presentation and our FAQ for more details. 

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