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History of Tillamook Preschool


The idea for Tillamook Preschool came about in 1973 when a few neighbors gathered together and began discussing what they wanted in a preschool for their children. After many meetings and discussions, one thing became clear: they wanted to build a community of parents dedicated to hands-on involvement with their child's education.


This shared vision soon became a reality. Together, they purchased a house (on Tillamook Street), hired a teacher, and began their co-op with six families and a lot of hard work.

In the decades since, Tillamook has grown to encompass a large community of families. Like the founding families, they are united in their dedication to the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of their children.


We believe Tillamook’s strength lies in its collection of unique perspectives and talents, and in the abilities of Tillamook families to organize these talents into a vibrant, dynamic community. Its longevity is a testament to the commitment and involvement of our community members.

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