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Family Involvement

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Perhaps the best part about being in a co-op preschool is becoming part of a community of people that cares about the well-being of each other’s children.

The co-op experience is unique and being a member of a co-op school comes with some responsibilities. Tillamook families contribute in the following ways:

Parent-Helping Shifts: Family members assist the teacher in the classroom 1-2 times/month for 2-day class and 2-3 times/month for 3-day class.

Co-op Job: Each family takes on one job, typically requiring a few hours of work per month. Examples include washing classroom toys, shopping for supplies, maintaining the website, or taking care of our class pets and lending library.

Summer Work Party: Prior to the start of each school year, one parent per family participates in a work party to ready the classroom and outdoor area for the new year.

Monthly Cleaning: Our classroom gets an extra cleaning once a month. Each family is only required to help with the deep clean once per year.

General Meeting Attendance: Part of being in a co-op is being on the same page as the rest of the community. Once a month our community gathers to share information about our school and hear from selected parent education speakers. One family member is required to attend and childcare is available.

Fundraising: We fundraise throughout the year in order to keep our tuition affordable and to pay for school expenses such as art supplies, books, playground equipment, and scholarships. We make this as easy as possible by using the SCRIP program, which allows families to earn money toward their Tillamook fundraising commitment while making typical household purchases. (Learn more about fundraising here.)

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